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You seem delightful. Welcome to my website. I’m a coffee lover, feminist, word nerd and story addict. If those things don’t appeal you’re best off stepping away now.

This site contains many a thought, feeling, reflection, idea and occasionally a full blown rant. It contains stories, life experiences and if you wanted to go back to the start you’d see it contains a learning curve as I get older and hopefully, vaguely wiser. You’ll find a lot of unpacking and analysing inequality on here, particularly sexism through the prism of feminism. I find myself feeling increasingly unhappy at the state of the world, therefore increasingly compelled to write about it.

I write professionally as well personally so if you’re interested in that you can follow me on Twitter – @klutzface1 and contact me there. I’ll provide an email address etc via DM.

Now go on, take a break. You’ve been working too hard. Treat yourself to a perusal, a virtual wander around to stretch your mind legs.

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